Waisenhaus Afghanistan

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Each small donation is written with us LARGE! *** We can continue our work just with your help. *** We thank you for your donation!


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Responsible for contents and operator of the web page:

Ahmadyar Syed
Berliner Str.2
61381 Friedrichsdorf
T / F: +49 (0) 6172 - 72 72 1

designed by: Farhad Torkany

IT Core GmbH
Farhad Torkany
A-4020 Linz

Tel: +43 (732) 272778
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Web : https://www.it-core.at

IT Core GmbH has created this website in cooperation with Mr. Syed Ahmadyar for a small fee. So we could make our contribution to this extraordinary project. Thanks for the good teamwork!

Non-Liability Explanation

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With reference to the current iurisdiction (LG Hamburg, 12 May 1998) we dissociate hereby expressly from all contents of all left sides over our Websites through left or banners and point out ourselves expressly that we do not have any influence on the organization and contents of the left sides.

Far wise we on the fact that individual subranges of our Websites can exhibit an interactive character, so that we have on that no editorial influence. We dissociate ourselves from all over these subranges published information. For contents of these publications we do not take responsibility. This applies for copyright regulations in the special one with competition -, mark-legal and as well as with offences against German or foreign and/or international right.

To 01.07.1997 the new Multimedia law entered into force. Afterwards among other things personal data may be stored and processed only with consent of the persons concerned. By confirming your inputs with the appropriate switching surfaces you explain yourselves hereby in agreement.

Bad Homburg, the 12.02.2006

Donation accoun:
Taunus Sparkasse
Waisenhaus Afghanistan
BLZ: 51250000
Account Nr.: 48521851
IBAN-Code: DE17512500000048521851


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