Waisenhaus Afghanistan

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Each small donation is written with us LARGE! *** We can continue our work just with your help. *** We thank you for your donation!

Waisenhaus Afghanistan

about us

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Decades long war in this country very many devastations caused. The losses at humans and material are so enormous that these cannot be seized so fast by statistics:
There is hundredthousand innocent small children, who lost their parents, these small souls the disasters survived, is however nevertheless alone. Those was at home robbed from them father and mother love and it.

It are children, who no childhood, since they must maintain and nourish their physically and mentally broken parents, who became by the war and its consequence invalid. Therefore they were robbed of not only their childhood, but also their future. There are widows, who the life luck very briefly or not at all to experience to be able and now its misfortune with its orphans children to divide have. All these wounds cannot be healed fast and simply.

One can return neither the robbed childhood to them, nor give the parental love. Perhaps the time heals these wounds in its kind! But it the fate to leave nevertheless is not also human, imagined the initiators, that brought this web page into being. Because us was and does not unimportant not the fate of these humans. Therefore some Afghan initiatives and auxiliary federations united, in order to help the orphans children in Afghanistan by purposeful promotions. So that they get at least a chance to participate in the social and social life of the country.

Our principal purpose is it to strengthen with this action with the children concerned the self-support mentality. We try to make therefore primarily school training for them possible to secure minimum medical supply and to develop supporting measures for their except-school occupations. For the implementation of our goals we are dependent on your help assistance.

Each small donation is written with us LARGE!


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